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Zamberlan Men's 996 Vioz Gore-Tex Boot

An oh-so classy Hiking Boot made out of traditional full-grain leather, ready to take you on your next Hike with top-notch support.

Zamberlan Hiking Boots are known for their heavy-duty and robust composition. the 996's are made from tough outer leather and solid rubber soles. Zamberlan has made comfort one of its top priorities when making these boots. It's not hard to see why the 996's won the Country Walking 3 Season Boot Test.

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Why choose Zamberlan 996 Vioz Hiking Boots for your next hike?

You may not have heard of Zamberlan because they take their handmade philosophy seriously. Each pair of 996 Vioz Hiking Boots is crafted to feel comfortable and lightweight; while having robust protection from impacts.

There's no need to worry about getting water inside your boots as the 996's are made with Zamberlan's Hydrobloc Full Grain Leather which utilises Gore-tex technology. The two-layer system for water repelling means any rain or splashes cant penetrate the boot lining but any sweat or moisture inside can escape which keeps your feet cool as you walk.

The base of the 996's are exactly what you need on a hike; a 3D Vibram sole made out of solid rubber. The soles of the Zamberlan boots offer great protection and allow you to feel a bounce in every step meaning you fatigue less quickly on your long walks.

The Flex system built into the heel of each 996 Hiking Boot adds an additional layer of toughness and comfort to an already top-notch boot.

What are some of the benefits of choosing a pair of Zamberlan 996 Hiking Boots?

You'll have a sturdy and reliable pair of hiking boots that you can wear for daily strolls or weekend adventures. Many hikers who have invested in a pair of Zamberlan 996 Hiking Boots have reported that they have had their pair last upward of 8 years and one hiker put his pair through 10 years of rigorous walking with zero issues! You wouldn't need to think about another pair of hiking boots for a significant period of time, and definitely wouldn't need to stress about your boots wearing down, leaking, or needing repairs; meaning you can get out and get on with your day and enjoy yourself!

Here's why you should buy a pair of Zamberlan 996 Hiking Boots!

The Zamberlan 996 Hiking Boots have one of the highest ratings we've ever seen on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5 Stars! They have a significant lifespan (up to 10 years!) and are built to be comfortable and support each and every step you take.

Buy your pair of Zamberlan Hiking Boots on Amazon now:


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