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What are the differences between Men's and Women's Hiking Boots?

The number of differences between Men's and Women's Hiking Boots might just surprise you!

Let's make sure we all know what Hiking Boots are?

Generally speaking, Hiking Boots are heavy-duty, durable, and water-resistant boots you can wear on your adventures. The reasons why you would choose to lace up a pair of Hiking Boots include going on longer treks where the terrain is difficult, wet, or changes in elevation. The majority of Hiking Boots offer phenomenal protection with their sold rubber sole construction and often premium leather outer layer. Ankle support is also a prominent feature as most Hiking Boots are high-rise; meaning they have a strong material that completely covers the ankle and stretches toward the lower leg. Lastly, you can rest easy when the weather turns sour because the water-resistant inner layers will keep your feet toasty warm. Hopefully, that clears up any misconceptions about Hiking Boots; especially because there are many terms for Hiking Footwear that sometimes mean the same thing.

What are the Main Features of Men's Hiking Boots?

Men's Hiking Boots are largely universal across all brands and makes; they include a high-rise ankle, padded collar/tongue, heavy-duty lugs, Vibram-sole technology, and anti-slip grip materials.

Here are a couple of our favourite Men's Hiking Boots:

What are the Main Features of Women's Hiking Boots?

You guessed it; most Women's Hiking Boots are built with the same materials and constructed in the same manner as men's Hiking Boots. There isn't much variation between brands and makes; other than the style and color scheme.

Here are a few examples of some top quality Women's Hiking Boots:

What are the Main Differences between Men's and Women's Hiking Boots?

You guessed it! if you haven't clicked on already the only real differences are the sizes and the style of the Hiking Boot. When manufacturers produce Hiking Boots they use a special machine to help mold, fit and stretch their boots as they construct them. This Machine has a very particular piece attached to the bottom known as a "Last". The last is generally differently shaped and sized for women's and men's Hiking Boots. This helps ensure the Hiking Boots are fitted for the subtle differences between men's and women's foot shapes/sizes. The last is the major fundamental difference between Men and Women's Hiking Boots, however, some more superficial differences include the weight; with men's Boots being heavier primarily due to the larger size and increased materials. One structural difference is the ankle rise on Women's Hiking Boots is shorter than on Men's Hiking Boots. The last difference is the colour scheme and designs that are marketed toward Women are usually lighter and softer; whereas men's Hiking Boots are often solid colors or even camouflaged.

Where to look for your next pair of Hiking Boots?

There are many great reliable brands that offer both Men and Women's Hiking Boots; these include:

  • Karrimor

  • Berghaus

  • Lowa

  • Regatta

Don't be afraid to look at some discount stores or even Amazon Marketplace, most of these brands offer great quality Hiking Boots and fantastic deals. Best of all they're almost always a money-back guarantee if you don't think they are for you!

In Summary

You don't have to worry about what makes Hiking boots different for men and women, The sizing is adjusted for you when you select your preference. You should choose a Hiking Boot that is comfortable on your foot, fits correctly without excessive sliding, and has a pattern or colour that you enjoy. Remember; nothing beats the Rule of Cool! This means if you like it you should buy it based on that and not anything else you've read or heard from anyone else!


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