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What are GORE-TEX (GTX) Hiking Boots?

When looking for your next pair of Hiking Boots you may see and hear the phrase "Gore-Tex" being used. We'll break exactly what this means and what to expect when you purchase a GTX pair of Hiking Boots.

What is GORE-TEX?

GORE-TEX; also sometimes abbreviated as GTX is a type of fabric that has been stretched and worked to become incredibly durable and waterproof. Without getting too scientific; the material is called "Polytetrafluoroethylene" which gets expanded by stretching it at different temperatures. This material is then applied or crafted into many different products that we use every day.

What makes GORE-TEX Waterproof?

Because the GTX material is stretched so thinly, it becomes something called a "microporous membrane" which has billions of tiny holes known as "pores". These pores are just smaller than the size of droplets of rainwater meaning that when you get your boots wet no water is absorbed into the GTX material. Instead, the water just rolls off the material leaving your boot, socks, and feet bone dry.

In addition to the pores of the membrane, each layer of GORE-TEX is usually paired with an inner and outer layer of nylon material known as a "laminate". This doubles the waterproof capacity of whatever the product is; offering even greater resistance against wind, rain, and any unwanted splashes. These laminates are then sealed along a seam to reduce any open areas where leaking or water retention could occur and also allow any moisture that builds up inside to have a route to escape.

Do you need GORE-TEX?

We highly recommend that if you're serious about your Hiking and Walking and want to have a pair of Hiking Boots that is durable, and will perform in any weather; especially wet, windy, snowy weather, and is going to allow you to get your money worth out of them... Then yes! Definitely opt for a pair of Hiking Boots that has GTX technology; you won't regret it!

Choose your GORE-TEX: Pro, Active and Traditional Fabrics

Now that we've covered what GORE-TEX technology is, how it keeps your feet dry and why you need a pair of Hiking Boots with GTX, it's time to talk about the different types available.

  • GTX Pro: Maximum protection and durability - Think mountain climbing and rocky terrain.

  • GTX Active: Lightweight and breathable - Think about running, sports, and other fast-paced activities.

  • GTX Traditional: The gold standard in waterproof technology - This is the type of fabric on your rugged Hiking Boots.

Some Popular GTX Hiking Boots we recommend:

Berghause Hillmaster II NORTIV 8 Hiking Boots EuroTek: HiTech Boots


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