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VIVOBAREFOOT Tracker All-Weather FG Hiking Boots

A truly unique pair of Hiking Boots that offer those who want to wear barefoot soles, the best choice on the market; by VIVOBAREFOOT.

VIVOBAREFOOT Tracker Hiking Boots

VIVOBAREFOOT is a small business with the goal of changing the way you look at footwear. By choosing soles that mimic the feeling of walking barefoot through nature while also keeping your feet protected, these Hiking Boots can correct years of bad posture, imbalances, and muscle problems.

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What makes the VIVOBAREFOOT Trackers so special?

The incredible craftsmanship of these Hiking Boots means that they combine the two most important features you need in a pair of boots; lightweight and durable. The soft leather outer material means that the overall weight of the boot is surprisingly low. But this doesn't mean they aren't protective; the upper leather material is also strong enough to provide a layer of support that will stop any damage from loose stones, pebbles, or gravel. The whole outside of the boot contains a recycled waterproof membrane lining that stops penetration of water from splashes or heavy rainfall. The inside of the boot is just as impressive as the outside. Each pair has removable thermal insoles which comprise three total layers including insulating foam; keeping you warm and dry in wet and cold conditions and giving you the flexibility to wear them without overheating in the warmer seasons. And the most important part is the flat heel rubber firm ground outsole. Designed especially to offer a deeper connection to the ground with every step you take, the outsole is made from a tough but supportive rubber that feels like you are walking barefoot without the "ouch".

What do other Hikers think?

Some hikers prefer the VIVOBAREFOOT Trackers over standard GORE-TEX Hiking boots as they offer a very similar level of protection with much less weight. Because the majority of the boot is leather most people find that it is easier to clean the Trackers than most other boots. And the beauty of the barefoot soles means you don't have to spend money on orthotics or insoles to help you get the most out of your boots. One buyer said they enjoy wearing their Trackers to do more than just trekking because they are so well made and so stylish. The greatest review we've heard from multiple people says that because the boots are barefoot they have been challenging their muscles and feet in ways they haven't been challenged before; meaning they are getting stronger muscles, tendons, and even healing old nagging ankle and knee injuries just from walking!

We love them!

The average rating for a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT Tracker Hiking Boots is 4.5 out of 5 stars! We love the deeper barefoot connection with nature we get and how light and springy they are. One thing to note about all barefoot footwear is sometimes it may take a week or so to get used to the feeling of walking in a different kind of Hiking Boot that you are traditionally wearing. Other than that we can't see any real downsides in grabbing a pair and supporting this fantastic small UK business at the same time!

Buy a pair and join the Barefoot Revolution:


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