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Under Armour Valsetz 1.5 Hiking Boots

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

A lesser-known pair of Hiking Boots from one of the worlds leading fitness brands; but do they compete with the usual suspects?

UnderArmour is famous for its sports apparel and accessories, but have they done enough to place themselves at the front of the Hiking Boot pack? Here at Hiking Boot Reviews we think they might have just solidified their entry into the trekking community with the Valsetz Hiking Boots.

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Not just a brand for running trainers and T-shirts?

Underarmour claims their Hiking Boots are as comfortable as trainers and rugged and sturdy as solid as a pair of serious walking boots; meaning the outcome is a lightweight, sturdy, and non-slip tactical outdoor boot. The outer material is lightweight leather combined with a well-designed fabric to give remarkable comfort without sacrificing durability. When we tell hikers about how lightweight these boots many of them think they are giving up on stability and support. However, UnderArmour has got you covered there too. These boots have two systems integrated into the inner boot to allow you to remain confident in every step you take. The ankle is supported by UnderArmours "ClutchFit Ankle Support System" and the toes and midfoot are protected by TPU Toe Caps. Every step you take whether a relaxing stroll, a 6-hour hike, or even a combat exercise is guaranteed to be supported and steady. Still unsure? Okay, what about slipping or water resistance? Well, the Velsetz Hiking Boots each have an outer sole made from rubber with expert traction grip technology and sealed PU perimeters that resist scratching, abrasions, and other damage from rough surfaces.

What do the ratings say?

So we had a look at what some of the other hikers who purchased these boots thought as well. A huge selling point for those who were satisfied with their buy was the ultra-lightweight micro G-EVA inner material. This material is not only very light and breathable but is also molded into an anti-microbial Ortholite sock liner. This meant those who wore these boots on longer hikes or for 10+ hour work days had little to no discomfort across the midfoot and squeezing or rubbing of toes. Even better, there were no smelly feet after all that walking! Another common theme among buyers was the look of the pair of boots. It's hard to argue these aren't some of the best-looking Hiking boots on the market today. With Black being the most popular color it looks like many hikes took a chance based on the looks of the boots and then fell in love when the features really validates their purchase. Most buyers agree the toe box and width are correctly sized based on the size chart. One thing to note is that those who ordered from outside the UK or USA have had some splitting down the seams, but this may just have been a faulty batch or second-hand re-selling.

The verdict?

Having just started out with a lightweight t-shirt, UnderArmour has really come out of the gate swinging with these Valstez 1.5 Hiking Boots. 2,900 global reviews averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars suggest most Hikers would agree with us. These are an ideal purchase for those looking for an upper-middle to high-cost pair of Hiking boots. In our opinion well worth the price on looks alone; and dare we say it may be even our favorite pair of boots so far!

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