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Top 5 Hiking Boot Accessories

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

We've put together a list of our favourite accessories and items that will help you look after your pair of Hiking Boots; meaning you can keep them feeling brand new for as long as possible on your hiking adventures.

In no particular order, here are 5 accessories we think you should pick up along with your new pair of Hiking Boots:

  1. Additional Laces -

  2. Waterproofing Spray -

  3. Walking Socks -

  4. Boot Wax/Grease -

  5. Odour Spray -

1. Additional Laces (You can never have enough!)

Heavy-duty and durable laces that will fit just about any Hiking Boot on our website. They come in 5 different colours so they will fit any style of boot and are available in sizes from 40 inches to 71 inches. You also get two pairs for the price of one so why not stock up for the future! Never hurts to be prepared!

Browse the four other lace colour combinations here on Amazon:

2. Waterproofing Spray (always stock two!)

Reliable nano-protection against water, dirt and moisture for leather, suede and TEX Membranes. Despite most Hiking Boots having very good waterproofing technology these days, having a few cans of spray to add to the outer material of your boots is a great way to prolong their natural resilience of them. And we recommend getting two bottles as you never want to run out just before you're about to head out!

We recommend Kaps Nano Protector from Amazon:

3. Walking Socks (A Must-Have!)

Now, this might sound obvious but having a really good quality pair (or 3) can make all the difference to whether you have a positive hike or a negative one. Nobody wants blisters or sore and achy feet after a long walk. Whether you need the pair of socks to stop feet rubbing or to help squeeze into that pair that are just slightly off-sized; you can never have too many pairs of premium walking socks.

Here's a well-made 3-pack of outdoor socks made for Hiking and Walking:

4. Boot Wax/Grease (For leathers!)

Boot wax is ideal for caring for and waterproofing leathers and suedes. Routinely applying the wax helps your Hiking Boots from cracking, tearing and creasing. Best applied with a soft cloth or a brush, boot wax is essential if you have snazzy leather Hiking Boots you want to keep crisp and sturdy for as long as possible. Plus it leaves your boots with a pleasant fragrance

We recommend Kaps again, their Dubbin Classic from Amazon is top-notch:

5. Foot and Odour Spray (Everyone needs it!)

So this recommendation we think is arguably the most important for all hikers out there. We all like to think our Hiking Boots and walking shoes don't get smelly or stinky and we definitely don't like to think it makes our feet smell the same! However, they do and spraying your boots down with this spray before and after each of your journeys will a long way in controlling any unwanted odours. Worker Walker has a decent-sized spray can and has cooling effects when applied.

Check out Shoe Deo Pro for Walking Shoes on Amazon:


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