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Regatta Holcombe IEP Hiking Boots

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Ranked 28 in the top 100 Men's Hiking Boots; Regatta has designed a pair of walking boots tailor-made for the Great Outdoors.

Regatta has you covered when choosing your next pair of Hiking or Walking Boots. With 4 innovative technologies interlinked into each pair of Holcombe IEP Hiking Boots, it's easy to see why Regatta is a popular choice across the Trekking community!

Grab a pair of Regatta Hiking Boots from Regattas Amazon Store:

Main Features of the Regatta Holcombe IEP Hiking Boots

4 major innovative technologies have been designed by Regatta and utilised in each pair of Holcombe IEP Hiking Boots. The first is ISOTEX waterproof layering which is a breathable and windproof coating to resist wet climates. The second is Ethylene mid-sole cushioning; which is a super comfortable padded inner material and padded ankle covers. The mid-sole cushioning offers great impact protection for all-terrain and helps in avoiding blisters. The third technology is Hdryopel. Hydropel is a second waterproof layer that acts as an easy-to-wipe clean surface protection layer. The fourth technology is an EVA comfort bed and pocket. This acts as a way to reduce the weight of the Hiking Shoe without sacrificing any comfort or use of material that can resist abrasions when hiking on rocky, sandy, or grainy terrains.

Which way do the Trail Markers point?

Regatta Holcombe IEP Hiking Boots fit perfectly the first time right out of the box, no need to break these boots in. No foot fatigue, even after 15+ kilometer treks. Feet remain warm and toasty, even when walking through deep and muddy puddles. No insoles are necessary even on shifts of 12+ miles a day; every day! These are just a handful of some of the reoccurring reviews Hikers are posting about these boots. These just go to show how consistent these boots are. Many buyers have said they enjoy the grip and stability on more grueling dog walks and some have even confessed to wearing these boots when going for some light jogging. A pair of hikers have commented stating that the easy lace-up closure technology has started to come undone once or twice on longer walks; although they did also say it was easier to take off their boots at the end of the day.

The Final Stop

Available in 5+ colours, rated top 28 in the Top 100 Men's Hiking Boots and 34 in Top 100 Men's Trekking and Hiking Footwear. Oh, and did we forget to mention these boots have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. The evidence is there; Regatta has made a remarkedly smart shoe at a remarkably low price. These will be ideal for those Hikers looking for casual Hiking Boots at a low to a mid-price point.

Save £20 when you purchase through Regatta's Amazon Storefront:


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