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KEEN Men's Hiking Boots | Targhee III Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots made the KEEN way are synonymous with environmentally conscious materials and inspiring people to be adventurous in any which way they choose.

The Targhee III Men's Hiking Boots by KEEN are designed specifically to solve your problems. They have a wide and durable frame which helps keep your feet from fatiguing on tougher walks. They also have best-in-class all-terrain traction lugs so you can be confident on rocky, slippery, or muddy terrains.

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What are the benefits of wearing KEEN Targhee III Hiking Boots?

You'll never have to worry about finishing a long walk with wet feet and soggy socks when you choose KEEN Hiking Boots. Each pair comes with KEEN's chemical-free and environmentally conscious waterproof lining. The Targhee III waterproofing lining is paired with a PFC-free layer to repel outside water while allowing any inner moisture to escape without leaving unwanted lingering odours.

KEEN Hiking Boots are known for their heavy-duty lugs, and the Targhee III Hiking Boots are no exception. The outer material used to construct the 4mm Omni-directional lugs is durable and solid rubber. The traction provided by the outsoles is best-in-class. The Targhee Hiking Boots offer immense traction which helps you tackle tricky terrain. KEEN Hiking Boots shine in muddy conditions; if a wet or muddy hike is on the agenda then you'll be glad you've laced up a pair of Targhee III's.

If you've ever been worried about rolling your ankle or slipping on loose rocks or stones then look no further than the KEEN Targhee III's Hiking Boots. With superb support on wobbly or precarious terrain coming from the boot's external support shank, you'll never find yourself unsure of your footing or looking for an easier route on your hike. The heels of each pair are TPU injected meaning you have an additional mechanism of support between your feet and the ground you're walking on.

The comfort factor is often overlooked by many companies when trying to produce sturdy and hardy hiking boots; KEEN have nailed comfort yet again with their securely fitted padded tongue and ankle collar. The Targhee III Hiking Boots each come pre-fitted with removable EVA footbed insoles that contour to the shape of your foot and offer an unparalleled level of arch support you won't find in other Hiking Boots. Your feet will thank you at the end of your trek when you wear a pair of KEEN Hiking Boots.

Why do customers love their KEEN KEEN Targhee III Hiking Boots?

One of the major draws for many customers is the ethically sourced premium nubuck leather used to craft the Targhee III Hiking Boots. If you have any concerns over nasty chemicals or unethical environmental practices then choosing a pair of KEEN boots should be your top priority. KEEN uses environmentally preferred leather and recycled plastic to craft each and every pair of their Hiking Boots meaning that every step you take is keeping the very ground you're walking is as beautiful as the first step.

Despite being a heavy-duty and robust pair of hiking boots; Targhee III Hiking Boots are surprisingly lightweight. Most buyers find they are pleasantly surprised by how light it feels to take a walk in their pair of Targhee III's; much lighter than some other large and bulky hiking boots but not as light as a pair of trail runners - so not recommended for taking a jog or run in a pair of Targhee III Hiking Boots.

You don't often wear your Hiking Boots inside the house, especially if you've been walking through some muddy trails recently because you'll leave your floors marked and scuffed from the deep rubber lugs. However, with a pair of Targhee III Hiking Boots which come pre-built with KEEN's non-marking rubber soles, you could tap dance on some hardwood floors if you wanted to and never notice a single mark! No marks, no fuss that's the KEEN way!

The Final Say?

The KEEN Targhee III Waterproof Hiking Boots are rated 4.2 out of 5 stars with over positive 950 ratings!

KEEN makes Hiking Boots for walkers, hikers, backpackers, and adventurers; whether it's a sunny dog walk or trek through the hills the Targhee III Hiking Boots won't let you down!

Pick up a pair of KEEN Targhee III Hiking Boots on Amazon:


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