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Karrimor Cheviot Hiking Boots

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

A simplistic but elegant design from a brand synonymous with making exploring the great outdoors fun and accessible to all.

Karrimor has designed these boots with long walks and hikes at the forefront of their mind. The Karrimor Cheviot Hiking Boots are a great all-around and reliable pair of boots for those not looking to break the bank.

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Main Features of the Karrimor Cheviot Hiking Boots

The Karrimor Cheviot Hiking Boots are aimed at casual hikers who enjoy long walks and hikes that aren't too strenuous. These walking boots are another pair that benefit from Vibram sole technology; meaning a good level of grip is maintained with each step thanks to multi-directional grip functionality. An ortholite insole is present inside each pair of boots giving an ultra-comfortable interior cushioning. In simpler terms; the boots are really really comfy on your feet. The midfoot technology is a Frame Flex chassis with PU cushioning and the whole outer shoe is covered in a weather-resistant waterproof leather material with a lace-up closure.

Let's look at some other opinions?

4.7 out of 5 stars means nearly all those who bought the Karrimor Cheviot Hiking Boots were totally satisfied with their purchase. The most popular comment on the reviews all praise how comfortable these boots are. With them being a mid-cut with a padded ankle collar it's no surprise that nobody has had a negative experience trekking in these boots. Many have commented on how well the fit of these boots is; the size chart is very accurate. And lastly, the one colour (Brown) these Hiking boots are available in goes well with nearly any hiking ensemble.

Our Decision

For a very saturated market of Hiking Boots, these are a very safe choice that you should feel confident about. The Karrimor Hiking boos may not jump out off the page, but they do all of the work for you when you need them most. These boots may not be for you if you enjoy extreme and off-the-beaten-path trails; especially not direct from the Karrimor website. However, if you purchase these from the Amazon Store you will save about £30 ($40). That's when thee become a very sensible choice; worth every penny for casual hikers wanting an extremely durable pair of Hiking Boots.

Save £30 ($40) when you purchase through Amazon:


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