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Hiking Boots Versus Trail Runners

Find out which footwear fits you the best for your next outdoor adventure!

What is Trail Running?

Trail Running is an outdoor sport that consists of simply setting off at your own pace; whether that be a jog, sprint, or even a speedy walk, however, the key here is you need to be outdoors! More specifically you need to be somewhere in nature! In short, all you need is a pair of Trail Runners, a scenic view, and a bottle of water!

You might be thinking: "what is the difference between Trail Running and going for a jog outside on the pavement?"

Well, to answer this you have to keep in mind location, location, location! To Trail Run, you should be putting one foot in front of the other in an area where there is elevation, twists, turns, and terrain that changes. Think of an overgrown path in the forest where they may be rocks, dips, and sharp turns. You have to constantly be analysing the terrain to ensure your footing is sound. You have to adjust your speed when tackling different obstacles in your way, and you will have to alter your stride length and pace as you climb up or down hills!

What are the Differences between Trail Runners and Hiking Boots?

A lot of people will consider Trail Runners to be just another pair of Walking Shoes; however, this is definitely not the case! Trail Runners are designed and crafted to take on more intense workloads than Walking Shoes. The difference between Hiking Boots and Trail Runners is noticeable for obvious reasons as they are generally worn for different activities (although not always!) For instance, Trail Runners are lightweight and flexible with a smaller overall profile; meaning you have an easier time running and less foot fatigue. The materials that Trail Runners are made from are lighter and less rigid allowing them to wrap tightly around your feet. One potential downside to this is the soles of Trail runners will wear down quicker as opposed to the heavy-duty rubber lugs found on Hiking boots. Lastly, you'll find that Trail Runners will let in more water than Hiking Boots; however with the lighter materials used in their construction Trail Runners will always wick away moisture much quicker as well. So when your Trail Runners do get wet they will be dry in no time letting you get back outdoors in a flash.

Heres a couple of examples of what Trail Runners look like:

When should you choose Trail Runners over Hiking Boots?

If youre looking to go outdoors:

  • In nature; mountains, forests, woods or wild areas.

  • To run, jog or exercise by yourself or in groups.

  • To experience the thrill of constantly changing and challenging terrain.

  • With lightweight, comfortable and protective footwear.

Then a pair of Trail Runners will be exacty what you're looking for!

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