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Berghaus Men's Fellmaster Ridge Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boots

Another great option from Berghaus; these Hiking Boots are great for those who want comfort as the primary feature above all else.

These Berghaus Fellmaster Ridge Hiking Boots have truly defined the meaning of comfortable. With VIBRAM sole technology and an Ortholite footbed, each pair is supremely comfy and are designed to make every step you take feel like you really are walking on clouds.

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Main Features of the Fellmaster Ridge Hiking Boots

The Berghaus Fellmaster Ridge Hiking Boots are tough, heavy-duty and high-rise boots with a durable GTX membrane. This means that you're covered with signature GORE-TEX water resistance for the hikes that get a little wet or for when you get caught in the rain. Each boot has VIBRAM soles made from a solid rubber material offering immense levels of foot protection, grip, and traction; allowing you to traverse rougher and gravel-based trails with ease. And of course, the inner base of each boot has a trademarked Ortholite Hike cushion which acts as a footbed to take some of the stress of tougher and harder strides off of your feet. Some technical specifications for those who are curious; the outer material is a rugged nubuck leather with lace-up closure and flat heel. These Hiking Boots come with an anti-mud clogging boot print meaning cleaning is easier and you are protected no matter the climate.

What do other Hikers have to say?

The consensus among buyers of the Fellmaster Ridge Hiking Boots constantly praises how tough these boots really are. There have been rarely any issues reported with boots not fitting straight from the box; meaning no need to spend time breaking in the boots so you can get out on a trek sooner rather than later. One issue brought to our attention was that some buyers recommend choosing a size bigger as they were found to be tight when first laced up.

In Summary

The Berghaus Fellmaster Ridge Hiking Boots are rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and it's not very hard to see why! Extremely comfortable and tough as nails! With two very clean colour schemes available the decision isn't whether you need to buy a pair of these boots...It's Which colour do you need. A very solid choice for lovers of Berghaus or for Hikers who want a strong entry point into premium quality comfortable Hiking Boots.

Pick up your pair from the Amazon Storefront:


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