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Berghaus Hillmaster II GTX Hiking Boots

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

An award-winning tough leather boot with memory foam and trademarked GORE-Tex inner lining from one of the world's leading brands.

The Berghaus Hillmaster II GTX Hiking Boots are marketed as waterproof, durable, and comfortable. Designed to allow you to stay out for longer and keep on trekking with superb grip and shock absorption.

Grab your pair of Berghaus Hillmaster II GTX Hiking Boots:

What are the Main Features?

These Berghaus Hiking Boots use VIBRAM sole technology to offer lots of grip on all-terrain, shock absorption when hiking or stepping down from heights, and allows for easy cleaning of any mud or dirt when you're ready to call it a day.

The Hillmaster II's also has memory foam inside and a collared tongue for the perfect fit. Locking eyelets allow you to control the tension when tying the laces so you won't have to worry about laces coming undone while walking.

What do Hikers think?

With Berghaus being such a dominant brand in the Hiking and Trekking community, it's hard to imagine these boots will disappoint.

Over 800 predominantly positive reviews from across the globe average out at 4.6 out of 5 stars. This is a strong showing for the Hillmaster II's with many hikers praising the amount of support provided by the sturdy soles, even in icy and hilly conditions. These boots are incredibly easy to get on and off after a long day's walk and have had many hikers impressed with the comfort right out of the box and even a year on from first purchase.

The Hillmaster II's are breathable and lightweight which means you don't tire out quickly when wearing them.

One negative from hikers was the fit of the boots; a few hikers decided to order half a size up to make sure the boots fit snug on their travels.

These boots are available in only one color: a very classy Coffee Brown.

The Consensus:

The Berghaus Hillmaster II GTX Hiking Boots are a fantastic middle-of-the-range boot perfect for those looking to spend a little bit more than some of the cheaper options in order to get a stylish and dependable pair of Hiking Boots. Well worth the price.

If these sound perfect for your next trail look into grabbing a pair from Amazon:


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