Vasque Hiking Boots

Vasque boots

Incredible Designs For Vasque Hiking Boots

Vasque hiking boots well known for their durability and many styles are just the boot to allow you to tackle the wilderness. Here are just a few of the many Vasque hiking boots that you can choose from while feeling confident that not only will you feel safe but you are sure to complete your hike in these boots.

Vasque Hiking Boots ( Breeze )

First up is the Breeze boots, designed to match your aerobic activities and they will not let you down. The first thing you will notice is that this hiking boot is breathable and well suited for the hotter climates. These are a light load boot that goes well with the longer hikes while allowing you to feel comfortable and confident that you can finish your hike. There are two reasons for this, and they are the contoured Phylon midsole and the Vibram contact outsole, giving you excellent arch support and outstanding grip in a wide array of situations like a muddy trail or slippery surfaces.

Vasque Hiking Boots ( GTX Wasatch )

Next on the list are the GTX Wasatch hiking boots with a superb design, it is an all leather boot that is well known for their waterproof abilities that guarantee’s you will have a dry hike no matter what climate you run. For arch support, you have the flex frame three plates giving you all the comfort and long lasting durability you would expect in a Vasque hiking boot, and add to that the Vibram contact outsole previously talked about to give you the sure gripping power you need to have a safe hike. The 3-Bar knit nylon lining will keep your comfort in mind by promoting breathability and healthy foot environments, therefore prolonging the life of these fabulous boots. The pride and joy of this boot have to be its volume fit system that makes you feel like your walking on air all day long. Should this boot match your needs, you can not go wrong buying a pair.

Vasque Hiking Boots ( Mantra Multi)

If your looking for a low profile hiking boot, then look no further as Vasque makes the Mantra multiboot. The boot also referred to as a sports shoe achieves its breathability and lightweight by infusing mesh into the upper leather and combining that with the Vibram rubber outsole. As with any hike, your sure to experience a shock to the feet and ankle which is easily handled by the EVA midsole as this shoe can be used off or on the trails. Probably the most significant feature spoken about this pair is its ability to be very versatile. So whether you want to take a walk through the park, go for a light run on the beach or hit the trails, you can count on these to be there for you. Vasque’s hit the mark with this multi-purpose boot/shoe.

Vasque Hiking Boots ( Zephyr )

The last for this review is the Zephyr boot which is the perfect hiking boot for the hiker that likes to experience a more challenging trail with over-growth and lots of trees. What it claims to fame is the polyurethane heel midsole called the Vibram summit sole, which allows you to accept the challenge that trails of this type give you, allowing you to endure the longer hikes. Unique for this modern hiking boot is the TPU stabilizer which is part of the EVA for the role, then throw in polyimide leather and mesh material, making this a nifty lightweight, breathable hiking boot that will not let you down. As sometimes happens, you will find yourself in unexpected environments, and if that is the case, then these are the boots you want to have. So if you are looking for a modern yet classy hiking boot that promises to keep your feet dry and your arch supported you can not go wrong with this pair of boots.

Hopefully, this review has answered a few of your questions or at least got you going in the right direction. Now all you have to do is make a choice and go and get a pair of Vasque Hiking Boots.