Kids Hiking Boots

kids hiking boots

Pick The Right Kids Hiking Boots The First Time

Finding the right kids hiking boots can be more difficult than it is for women.  Realizing your child’s feet are still growing, a parent may think it is wise to buy a kids hiking boots a size too big.  We recommend that you do not do this.  The hiking boot is one of the most essential hiking gear.  To be able to have a successful hike your kids hiking boots must fit snugly with little movement inside the boot.

The Right Kids Hiking Boots Are Important

As stated before you should be able to wiggle your toes, ignoring this almost guarantees that your child will get a blister and very sore feet.  Should you have no choice but to buy a bigger size, stay within a half size bigger and wear two pairs of hiking socks.  Doing this will make the foot snug, but at the same time, it will allow the foot to breathe.
Although not recommended, it is an option if your child’s foot is at the in-between size or you want to make the boot last a little longer.  Here you will find many kids style hiking boots for sale.